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Policies » Section E: Support Services » EFAA: Charging Of School Lunch

Policy Date: 01/21/2020

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Every student in the three Hooksett schools will be offered a nutritious, state-approved lunch at a price that has been approved by the School Board for that school year if they desire. However,
A.When the balance becomes negative a letter will be sent home via the student. Charging of snacks and/or milk will not be allowed.
B.If the negative balance reaches $20.00, the Food Service Director will call the parent/guardian and/or a negative balance letter will be mailed home.
C.If the negative balance reaches $50.00 the Principal will also contact the parents if there has been no response from the home after the telephone call from the Food Service Director.
D.Students will be able to charge lunch subject to the criteria of this policy; all others may participate in a pre-payment program.
E.The Superintendent is authorized to take appropriate action to recover any balances owed to the District in cases where the parents do not cooperate in settling their debt.

The districts will redefine delinquent debt as bad debt at the end of the school year or if the student leaves the district for any reason. At the time that the debt is redefined as bad, the non-profit food service account will be made whole by a transfer of nonfederal funds from the district or the SAU.

Legal References:
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Adopted: May 2, 2006
Revised: August 16, 2007
Revised: June 3, 2008
Revised: June 21, 2011
Reviewed/Revised: January 3, 2017
Revised: January 21, 2020