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Policies » Section A: Foundations & Basic Commitments » ADA: Goals And Objectives

Policy Date: 07/12/1999

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The Hooksett School Board has developed the following goals and objectives to give the School
District direction and continuity. The School Board believes that the school and the parents
should work together so that each child achieves the goals and objectives enumerated below to
the best of his or her ability.

Each student shall:
1. Attain mastery of reading, writing, listening, speaking, and math skills.
2. Develop an awareness of and actively explore the enriching influence of fine and folk art, i.e.,
literature, music, painting, dance sculpture, and other endeavors of refined skills of which
man is the author.
3. Develop self-understanding and appreciation, shall become aware of personal strengths, and
shall develop those strengths to the maximum.
4. Develop an awareness of various political structures and shall understand the responsibilities
of citizenship.
5. Develop sensitivity to and respect for others and be able to relate to others in a positive and
constructive manner.
6. Acquire a fundamental understanding of economics as it relates to the production,
distribution, and consumption of wealth and resources.
7. Develop an understanding of the natural and applied sciences, including geographical,
ecological, and physical environments, as well as computer and other technological
8. Be aware of what constitutes sound emotional attitudes, good physical health and hygiene,
and shall learn how to develop and maintain those personal qualities.
9. Learn to utilize effectively the processes of creative, constructive, and critical thinking and to
utilize these processes in effective writing and other communication modalities.
10. Actively investigate vocational opportunities, and understand the skills required to pursue a
chosen field.
11. Develop a set of values which will reflect concern and respect for the values of others and
yet retain individual beliefs.

Adopted: December 19, 1978
Revised: March 7, 1989
Revised: February 18, 1992
Adopted: July 12, 1999