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Policies » Section E: Support Services » EEAC: Guidelines For Scheduling And Routing Of School Buses

Policy Date: 09/20/2022

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Scheduling and routing of school buses will adhere to the following general guidelines and will be considerate of all safety factors, including the age of the students:
1. The walking distance guideline to a designated bus stop for students in grades K through 8 shall be no more than .6 of one mile when possible.
2. The walking distance guideline to the attending school may be no more than one mile. The Hooksett School District will assure that pupils shall not be subject to unsafe conditions while walking the required distance.
3. The number of children at a bus stop shall be appropriate to the physical space of the waiting area.
4. The scheduled maximum length of time for a student to ride a regular education bus to school and from school shall be one hour.
5. Students may be allowed to change from one bus to another, or to a different bus stop, for after school activities only under the following conditions:
a. a request is made in writing from the student’s parent(s)/guardian to the proper school authority for each individual instance.
b. the request is made, if possible, one day in advance of the desired change.
c. the seating capacity of the bus is not exceeded.
d. the request will cause no undue problems, and will be at the discretion of the student’s principal.

6. Students will be transported to and from the stop closest to their residence. In the case of before and after school care, a request must be submitted to the Superintendent’s Office prior to July 15 of each year. If, after consultation, with the provider the alternative arrangement causes no undue hardship on the regular transportation system, the Superintendent may grant the request.

Legal References:
RSA 189:6, Transportation of Pupils
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Adopted: May 19, 1981
Revised: January 16, 1985,
December 7, 1993,
December 15, 1998,
June 1, 2004,
April 3, 2007,
January 21, 2020,
September 20, 2022