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Policies » Section I: Instruction » IHBG/IHBG-R: Home Education Instruction/Dual Enrollment

Policy Date: 11/03/2009

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Parents who are residents of the district wishing to home educate their child(ren) shall conform to all
applicable laws and rules of the State Board of Education regarding home education. Students with
home education programs may participate in curricular activities at school subject to availability and prior

Appendix IHBG-R

Legal References: RSA 193-A, 193:1, 193:1-a, and 193:1-c; NH Admin Rules, Sec. Ed 315

Adopted: November 7, 2000
Revised: November 3, 2009


The Board acknowledges the right of every parent to choose to home educate their child(ren) in
compliance with RSA 193-A or to send their child(ren) to a nonpublic school. Recognition of
home education and nonpublic school programs will be limited to students ages 6 to 18 years.

I. Participation in Classes/Activities
All requests by a home educated or nonpublic school student for participation in an educational
program or co-/extra-curricular activity shall be made in writing by the parent/guardian, in
duplicate to the Principal of the appropriate school and to the Superintendent. After consulting
with the Principal, who shall consult with appropriate staff, the Superintendent and/or designee
shall, in writing, grant or deny the request.

A request by a home educated or nonpublic school student for the following related services of
physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, counseling, psychological, guidance, etc.,
and/or other special education services shall generally be denied.

Resident home educated or nonpublic students may enroll in specific classes or activities provided
the following conditions are met:

A. General Participation
1. There is space available in the class/activity.
2. The admission of the student will not have an adverse affect on the class/activity.
3. There are no extra costs incurred by the district.
4. The class/activity is deemed to be developmentally and academically appropriate.
5. Prerequisite class/activity requirements are met.
6. Transportation, other than regularly scheduled school bus services, is provided by the
7. No substantial administrative or staff burden is created.
8. There are no other factors impacting why the request should be granted or denied.

B. Participation in Regular Class
1. Reasonable notification of desire to participate is received by the Superintendent and
school Principal in advance of the first class meeting. Requests will be processed on a
first come first served basis.
2. Attendance is regular, behavior is appropriate, and the parent/guardian and student
demonstrates a willingness to follow the district’s/school’s rules and regulations.
3. The student completes all assignments and tests as are required of other students in the
4. Credit/grade is granted only after the successful completion of the class.
5. Enrollment is for a full semester only and not so extensive to warrant full-time

C. Participation in Co-Curricular Activities
(Field trips, assemblies, science fairs, etc.)
1. Prior written permission has been given by the parent/guardian.
2. Prior written permission has been given by the Principal.
3. The student has agreed to abide by the same code of conduct as the regularly enrolled
students participating in the activity.
4. The parent/guardian accepts responsibility for transportation to and from the school
and/or activity.
5. The parent/guardian agrees to chaperone an event if deemed advisable by the applicable
6. Requests for participation in activities which are purely social, such as school dances, will
be determined in accordance with the school’s guest policies or practices.

D. Participation in Extra-Curricular Activities
(Band, chorus, school clubs, intramural athletics, etc.)
1. The student meets the same academic, physical examination, age and eligibility
requirements and standards as regularly enrolled students (documentation of such must
be provided when requested by the Principal).
2. The transfer student from a home education program meets the same eligibility
requirements as enrolled transfer students.
3. The student maintains the same code of behavior as required of other regularly enrolled
school participants.
4. The student must travel to and from team events with the team.
5. The student may not be enrolled in another public school.

II. Use of Facilities and Equipment
Students may use school facilities and equipment on the same basis as regularly enrolled
students provided the following conditions are met:
A. The use does not disrupt regular student, staff, or special program use.
B. The use has been approved by the building Principal prior to use.
C. The use will not create additional expense to the school district.
D. The use is directly related to the home instruction educational program.
E. The use does not involve removing furniture or equipment from the school premises.

III. Use of School Texts and Library Books/Materials
Students may be permitted to use school texts and library books/materials provided the
following conditions are met:
A. Sufficient copies are available.
B. The text is appropriate to the student’s age and grade.
C. The text is signed out to the student and/or parent/guardian for a period of no
longer than one year.
D. Library books are signed out according to the library loan policy.
E. The student and/or parent/guardian agree to pay the school district for all lost,
damaged and/or non-returned texts and/or library books. The district may require a
security deposit.

IV. Eighth Grade Diploma Eligibility
Nonpublic school or home educated students are not eligible to receive a school diploma.

V. Evaluation
Students being home educated may participate in regularly scheduled, standardized
testing programs administered by the district or annual evaluation services provided the
following conditions are met:
A. The parent/guardian notifies the building Principal as to the intention to participate at
least 30 days in advance of the testing dates.
B. The student attends the scheduled testing sessions/dates.
C. The parent/guardian complies with state standards for home school annual

Adopted: January 17, 1995
Adopted: November 7, 2000
Revised: November 3, 2009