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Policies » Section I: Instruction » IKB: Homework

Policy Date: 01/02/2001

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The term “homework” refers to an assignment to be completed outside of regular class time.
The purposes of homework are to improve the learning processes, to aid in the mastery of skills,
and to create and stimulate interest on the part of the pupil.

Homework is a learning activity which should increase in complexity with the maturity of the
pupil. With increased maturity, learning should become an independent activity. This should be
established through consistent assignments which encourage students to investigate for
themselves and to work independently as well as with others.

Teachers should make meaningful homework assignments. The purposes should always be
clearly understood by both the teacher and the pupil.

Homework assignments should be consistent in terms of the amount given each day and the
time required for each assignment so that a pattern of meaningful homework can be established
by the teacher and/or students.

The information for any homework assignment should be clear and specific so that the pupil can
complete the assignment.

Homework that requires the use of reference materials should be prefaced by instructions on the
use of those materials.

Adopted: November 7, 1989
Adopted: January 2, 2001