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Policies » Section J: Students » JLCB: Immunization Of Student

Policy Date: 10/18/2022

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No child shall be admitted or enrolled in the Hooksett School District unless it is demonstrated that they are in compliance with the immunization requirements of the State of New Hampshire.
Parents are advised of this requirement when registering their child, so that the necessary plans can be made with the family physician or other medical resources to accomplish this standard prior to the child being admitted to school.

A child shall be exempted from the above immunization requirements if he/she presents evidence from his/her physician that immunization will be detrimental to his/her health. A child shall be excused from immunization for religious reasons, upon the signing of a notarized form by the parent or guardian stating that the child has not been immunized because of religious beliefs. These forms are available through the school nurse.

Statutory and Administrative References:
NH Code of Administrative Rules, Section Ed. 311, Immunization Program RSA 141-C:20-c, Immunization Exemptions RSA 200:38, Control and Prevention of Communicable Diseases; Duties of School Nurse

Adopted: May 1, 2001
Adopted: January 18, 2005
Revised: October 18, 2022