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Policies » Section I: Instruction » IJ: Instructional Materials

Policy Date: 10/05/2010

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The Board is responsible for providing the necessary instructional materials used in the District.
Textbooks and instructional materials should provide quality learning experiences for students
1. Enrich and support the curriculum;
2. Stimulate growth in knowledge, literary appreciation, aesthetic value, and ethical
3. Provide background information to enable students to make intelligent judgements;
4. Present opposing sides of issues;
5. Be representative of the many religious, ethnic, and cultural groups and their
contributions to our American heritage;
6. Depict in an accurate and unbiased way the cultural diversity and pluralistic nature of
the American society;
7. Be matched to the appropriate skill levels of pupils.

Administrators and teachers may select instructional materials from a variety of media, including,
but not limited to, books, online/internet materials, equipment, newspapers, other media, and
instructional technologies. Selection of such materials should be made only after a determination
that such materials are age appropriate, provide quality learning experiences, and fit within the
district’s educational goals and philosophies.

Basic instructional course material in the fundamental skill areas of language arts, mathematics,
science, and social studies should be reviewed at intervals which are recommended not to exceed
five (5) years. All instructional materials must be sequential and must be compatible with current
school district educational standards.

Legal References: NH Admin Rule, Section Ed 306.08; NH Admin Rule, Section Ed 306.14(e)

Adopted: November 7, 2000
Revised: September 16, 2008
Revised: October 5, 2010