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Policies » Section E: Support Services » EH: Public Access To School District Records

Policy Date: 05/17/2022

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The Superintendent is hereby designated the custodian of all “District records”, which term shall have the same meaning as “governmental records” as that terms is defined in the state’s Right to Know law, RSA 91-A:1-a. Without limiting that meaning, District records shall include board or board committee minutes, documents, writings, letters, memoranda, e-mails, images, or other information of any kind kept or maintained by the District in any physical form (written, visual, electronic, digital, etc.).

The Superintendent shall develop written procedures concerning all requests by the public to inspect or obtain copies of school district records (i.e., “governmental records”). The procedures shall conform in all respects to the Right to Know Law. The written procedures should contain provisions clearly indicating personnel responsible for processing any request for District records, as well as the cost for providing requested copies. No fee or expense shall be charged other than as allowed under RSA 91-A:4.

The Superintendent shall review such procedures annually and make such changes as are required as a result of legislative changes to the Right to Know or other applicable law or regulations, or as s/he may deem appropriate. Any changes to the written procedures should be provided to all appropriate personnel and to the School Board.
All District records shall be retained, deleted or destroyed in accordance with board policy, and administrative procedures. Minutes of school board meetings, and materials used to prepare the same, shall also be made available in accordance with Board policy BEDG.

The Superintendent is authorized to contact the District’s attorney for any matter related to requests for public records and/or the development of the written procedures required under this policy.

Legal References:
RSA 91-A, New Hampshire Right To Know Law

Adopted: May 17, 2022