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Policies » Section B: School Board Governance & Operations » BBB: School Board Elections

Policy Date: 03/03/2015

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The Hooksett School Board shall consist of an uneven number of members elected by the qualified voters of the District at the annual District elections held in March in accordance with RSA 197:1. The Hooksett School Board currently has a seven member Board.

The term of office of each member of the School Board shall be for a period of three (3) years.

RSA 197:1 Annual. A meeting of every school district shall be held annually between March 1 and March 25, inclusive, or in accordance with RSA 40:13 if that provision is adopted in the district, for raising and appropriating money for the support of schools for the fiscal year beginning the next July 1, for the transaction of other district business and, in those districts not electing their district officers at town meeting, for the choice of district officers.

RSA 671:4 Board. A school district which is not a cooperative school district as defined in RSA 195:1 may have a school board of 3, 5, 7, or 9 members, as it shall determine by vote at any annual meeting. They shall serve for a term of three years. Insofar as possible, an equal number of the members shall be elected at each school district election. Whenever such a district determines to change the number of board members, it shall also determine the number of members to be elected each year. Such change shall not take effect until the school district election in the year next following the one in which the change is voted. The board will increase or decrease in membership so that there will always be an uneven number of members until the desired number is reached. The school board of a district which does not otherwise vote shall be three members.

Legal Reference: RSA 197:1, RSA 671:4

Adopted: September 16, 1980
Revised: December 5, 1989
Adopted: July 12, 1999
Revised: March 3, 2015