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Policies » Section B: School Board Governance & Operations » BCA: School Board Member Ethics

Policy Date: 05/20/2014

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Each board member shall comply with the following ethical provisions:

1. Attend all regularly scheduled Board meetings, insofar as possible, and become
informed concerning issues to be considered at those meetings.

2. Make decisions only after full discussion at public Board meetings; render all
decisions based on the available facts and my independent judgment, and refuse to
surrender that judgment to individuals or special interest groups.

3. Display and demonstrate courtesy and decorum toward fellow Board members at all
public meetings and in all public statements.

4. Attempt to differentiate between decisions that should rightfully be made by the
Administrators and those that should be made by the school board, keeping in mind
that the school board’s functions are legislative and evaluative, that is, to make
policies and monitor their implementation.

5. Work respectfully with other Board members to achieve the educational goals of the
school district by encouraging the free expression of opinions by all Board members.

6. In consideration of financial matters, such as budget approval, school
construction, salaries, and purchases, we will attempt to maintain a balance between
fiscal responsibility and a commitment to quality education.

7. Communicate to other Board members and the Superintendent expressions of public
reaction to Board policies and school programs.

8. If contacted by a parent or other citizen about a school problem, we will point out
how important it is to follow proper “chain of command” and that, if avenues of
appeal have been exhausted, the complainant should seek recognition on a school
board meeting agenda.

9. Be informed about current educational issues by individual study and through
participation in programs providing needed information, such as those sponsored by
my state and national school board associations.

10. Support the employment of those persons best qualified to serve as school staff,
and insist on a regular and impartial evaluation of all staff.

11. Respect the confidentiality of information that is privileged under applicable law or is
received in confidence or executive session.

12. Recognize that no individual member has authority to speak or act for the entire
Board, except as specifically designated to do so by Board action.

13. We will view ourselves as representatives of the entire school district and will not be
influenced by partisanship. We will consistently support what is best for the total
school district.

14. Vigorously support school board policies which recognize the rights and dignity of all
people, including students and employees, and which foster sound management

Adopted: October 7, 2008
Revised: May 20, 2014