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Policies » Section E: Support Services » EE: Student Transportation Management

Policy Date: 01/21/2020

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The Hooksett School District shall provide school transportation services for eligible students based on safety and efficiency and in accordance with all state statutes. The following shall be taken into consideration in the management of the school district transportation system:

General Operating Policy
1. Established bus routes will be developed, and reviewed annually, by the Superintendent and/or designee, and posted on the district website by August 15 prior to the opening of school.
2. Bus stops will be established to prevent students from crossing major thoroughfares or roads deemed hazardous by the Board. Drivers may not load or unload pupils at other than authorized locations. Neighborhood bus stops shall be established whenever possible.
3. The Hooksett School Board has established a Transportation Committee which is designed to arbitrate conflicts involving routing, scheduling, and the establishment of stops.
4. It is the practice to follow school district policy to not travel on private roads or roads that do
not meet town specifications for road construction unless the Board is presented with a
compelling reason to do so, at which time they may agree to consider such a request.

Student Conduct on School Buses
Bus drivers have the responsibility to maintain orderly behavior of students on school buses and will report, in writing, misconduct to the student’s Principal. Video cameras may be used on buses to support the bus driver’s reports of unacceptable conduct. The school principal will have the authority, delegated by the Superintendent, to suspend the riding privileges of students failing to conform to Board rules and regulations. Parents of children whose conduct on school buses endangers the health, safety and welfare of other riders will be notified that their children face the loss of school bus riding privileges in accordance with the student discipline code. The Board must approve suspensions of the right to ride the school bus that continue beyond twenty (20) days.

Resolution of Conflicts
An individual who wishes to request a change or exemption from any of the student transportation policies shall first direct that request to the Transportation Coordinator located at the SAU Office. If that individual is not satisfied with the decision of the contractor, he or she may appeal to the Superintendent of Schools/designee. Should that individual not be satisfied by the decision of the Superintendent/designee, he or she may appeal to the Transportation Committee. Should resolution still not be achieved, the individual may appeal to the Hooksett School Board.

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Adopted: June 3, 1975
Revised: January 2, 1985
Revised: December 15, 1998
Revised: April 3, 2007
Revised: August 19, 2008
Revised: January 21, 2020