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Policies » Section K: School/Community - Home Relations » KF/KF-P/KF-R: Use Of School Buildings And Facilities

Policy Date: 01/06/2009

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HSD File: KF

It is the desire of the Hooksett School Board to grant the privilege of using the school facilities to
those individuals, organizations, or groups who are members of the local community. This does not
alter the fact that it is the responsibility of the Hooksett School Board to require the establishment of
necessary regulations to protect the user, the school board, the school, and the investment of the
school district.
By both precedent and design, certain events shall receive first consideration during each school
year, from July through June. These events include annual and special school district meetings, town
meetings, school board meetings, both scheduled and special, and special and annual municipal,
State and Federal elections.
Local non-profit service organizations may be granted the use of the school facilities and at no cost
except when special services and/or the attendance of special school personnel are required.
Facility use will be granted to organizations on the following priority basis:
A. Organizations located within the Town of Hooksett.
B. School oriented organizations — Organizations recognized by the school board as directly related
to school activities.
C. Government organizations — Agencies which are authorized under the laws of the United States,
the State of New Hampshire, the County of Merrimack, the Hooksett School District, or the Town
of Hooksett.
D. Civic organizations — Organizations that are social, service, fraternal or religious in nature and
serve the community on a non-profit basis. Youth civic organizations will have priority in this
E. Political organizations — Groups whose activities are of a lawful political nature or whose purpose
is to affect political change through lawful means.
F. For-profit individuals/organizations that apply for use of school facilities will be charged a fee set
on a case-by-case basis.
An Application for Use of School Facilities (land and/or buildings) must be filled out and submitted to
the school principal’s office at least 16 days prior to use with payment included in the form of a check
or money order. The Business Administrator shall act upon the Application. Documentation of Proof
of Insurance may be required with the Application for Use of School Facilities.
In requesting and utilizing any and all school facilities, the organization also accepts full responsibility
for the actions, safety and supervision of participants, spectators, etc., particularly minors involved in
the activity.
Smoking is prohibited in the Hooksett Schools as per RSA 155:64, New Hampshire Indoor
Smoking Act.
Events where alcohol will be served, there must be adherence to #8 on the following
page, Regulations.

HSD File: KF-R
1. The use of school facilities can only be obtained by submission of a completed application to the
principal’s office.
2. Applications must be submitted 16 days in advance of the utilization date with advance payment
in the form of a check or money order included per #3 below.
3. Use of school facilities will be charged a fee set on a case-by-case basis.
4. Services of custodians or other school personnel beyond normal shift hours or to
perform duties that are not specifically job related will result in a charge to the user.
5. The organization or party requesting the facilities must accept full financial and legal responsibility
for any and all damages and/or claims of damages resulting from the use of facilities.
Organizations may be required to provide copies of certificate of insurance for the school’s file
prior to use.
6. The premises must be cleaned immediately following the event by the using organization unless
prior arrangements have been made with the maintenance supervisor and/or the principal.
Should the using organization leave the premises in a manner unacceptable to school officials,
the using organization shall be charged for any additional cleaning that has to be done and
should they not pay the bill, said organization shall not be allowed to use the facilities until
payment is made.
7. For on-going games and activities an Application for Use of School Facilities may be completed by
the using organization with a schedule of dates of use attached rather than a new application for
each use.
8. Alcohol may only be served when youth organizations are not utilizing the building. The School
Board may require such events to have a police officer present during the entire activity. New
Hampshire State law regarding the legal drinking age must be adhered to. It is the responsibility
of the organization using the facilities to notify the Hooksett Police Department at least 48 hours
before the planned event (date, time, and expected attendance).
Adopted: April 16, 1985
Revised: January 19, 1988
Revised: June 6, 1989
Revised: December 3, 1990
Adopted: November 5, 2002
Revised: January 6, 2009