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Policies » Section E: Support Services » EEAA: Video And Audio Recording On School Property

Policy Date: 01/03/2017

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See also JIC, JICD

The Hooksett School Board authorizes the use of video and/or audio surveillance devices on District property to ensure the health, welfare, and safety of all staff, students and visitors to District property and to safeguard District buildings, grounds, and equipment. The superintendent will approve appropriate locations for surveillance devices. Placement of the video cameras will be based on the presumption and belief that students, staff and visitors have no reasonable expectation of privacy in areas or at events that occur in plain view. However, such devices are not to be placed in bathrooms or locker rooms.

All persons will be responsible for any violations of school rules recorded by cameras.

Videos/audios containing evidence of a violation of student conduct rules, school board policy, and/or state or federal law will be retained until the issue of the misconduct is no longer subject to review or appeal, as determined by board policy or applicable law. Any release or viewing of the video will be in accordance with the law.

In the event a recording from a video or audio surveillance device contains evidence of wrongdoing, be it a crime or violation of school conduct policies that could result in discipline, the actual, original recording will be pulled from service and not re-used or recorded over for a period of not less than 3 years following the incident in question. Should the recording be confiscated by prosecutorial authorities as evidence in a crime, the District will take all steps possible to arrange for a certified copy to be retained by the District.

The Principal will notify staff, students, and parents through handbooks or by other means that video and/or audio surveillance may occur on District property. A notice will also be posted at the main entrance of all school district buildings and on all buses indicating the use of video and/or audio surveillance.

The District may choose to make surveillance recordings part of a student’s educational record or a staff member’s personnel record. If an audio or video recording does become part of a student’s education record, the provision of Policy JRA shall apply. The Superintendent is authorized to contact the District’s attorney for a full legal opinion relative in the event of such an occurrence. The District will comply with all applicable state and federal laws related to record maintenance and retention.

Video and audio recordings may be used for special education or Section 504 purposes, when a student’s individualized education program or accommodation plan includes audio or video recording as part of the child’s education. All such recordings will be maintained in accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, 20 U.S.C. section 1232g, and other applicable law(s).

The school board authorizes the Superintendent to use video and/or audio recordings to the extent either required or prohibited by law.

The school board permits the video and audio recording of the following school-related activities. The following purposes are not intended to be exhaustive and may be expanded or contracted by either the administrative determination or school board action.
 Extracurricular/co-curricular activities
 Musical performances, band, concert band, ensemble, orchestra, choir
 Drama activities
 Club events
 Sporting events, including both inter and intra-scholastic
 Other activities such as student senate, yearbook school pride, ROTC
 Ceremonies, orientation, presentations, school assemblies or meetings, or any school events which occur outside of the physical classroom

Legal Reference: 20 U.S.C.§ 1232g; 34 C.F.R.Part 99; RSA 189:65; RSA 189:68; RSA 570-A:2

Adopted: April 15, 2008
Reviewed/Revised: January 3, 2017