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Policies » Section E: Support Services » EBCA: Emergency Operations Plan

Policy Date: 03/21/2023

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The Superintendent is responsible for ensuring the District’s Emergency Operations Plan
conforms with the requirements of RSA 189:64 and addresses hazards including, but not limited
to: acts of violence, threats, natural disasters, fire, hazardous materials, medical emergencies,
and other hazards deemed necessary by the School Board or local emergency authorities. The
emergency operations plans will be based on and conform to the Incident Command System and
the National Incident Management System.

The School Board directs the Superintendent to develop site-specific emergency operations plans
for each school building, to have each plan reviewed annually prior to September 1, and to
submit the emergency operations plans or if the annual review does not change the plan, notice
that the review has been completed to the Department of Education no later than September 1st
each year.

The Superintendent is authorized to provide a current building schematic floor plan in digital
format to the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management of the Department of

The Superintendent or his/her designee is responsible for ensuring that at least two times per
year, each school conducts emergency operations drills, will establish a relationship with local
and state emergency and law enforcement authorities, and will serve as a coordinator/liaison
with these authorities.

Legal References:
RSA 189:64, Emergency Response Plans

Adopted: February 15, 2000
Revised: January 2, 2018
Reviewed: January 22, 2019
Revised: March 21, 2023