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Policies » Section B: School Board Governance & Operations

Section B contains policies on the School Board - how it is appointed or elected; how it is organized; how it conducts meetings, and how the board operates. This section includes bylaws and policies establishing the board's internal operating procedures.

Code Date Name
BA 03/03/2015 Evaluation of Board Operational Procedures
BAAA 02/20/2024 School Board Policies And Administrative Procedures
BB 11/15/2005 School Board Legal Status
BBA/BBA-R 11/19/2019 School Board Powers And Duties
BBAA 03/07/2017 Board Member Authority
BBB 03/03/2015 School Board Elections
BBBA 03/03/2015 Board Member Qualifications
BBBB 03/07/2017 Board Member Oath Of Office
BBBC/BBBE 03/21/2017 School Board Member And Other Elected Officials Resignation
BBBD 03/07/2017 Board Member Removal From Office
BBBE/BBBC 03/21/2017 Unexpired Term Fulfillment
BCA 05/20/2014 School Board Member Ethics
BCB 11/03/2009 Board Member Conflict Of Interest
BDA 03/21/2017 Board Organizational Meeting
BDB 08/15/2023 Board Officers
BDC 03/21/2017 Appointed Board Officials
BDD 04/04/2017 Board-Superintendent Relationship
BDF 11/03/2009 Advisory Committees To The Board
BDG 04/04/2017 School Attorney
BEA 08/17/2021 Regular And Special Board Meetings
BEAA 08/15/2023 School Board Meeting Preparations
BEB 05/20/2014 Emergency Board Meetings
BEC 10/18/2022 Non-Public Sessions
BEDA 08/15/2023 Public Notification Of School Board Meetings
BEDB 11/21/2017 Agenda Preparation And Dissemination
BEDC 08/15/2023 Quorum
BEDD 05/20/2014 Rules Of Order
BEDG 02/20/2024 Minutes
BEDG-R 12/04/2018 Access To Minutes And Public Records
BEDH 03/21/2023 Public Participation At Board Meetings
BFE 04/04/2017 Administration In Policy Absence
BG 04/04/2017 School Board Policy Development
BGB 01/17/2023 Policy Adoption
BGC 04/04/2017 Policy Review And Evaluation/Manual Accuracy Check
BGE 04/04/2017 Policy Dissemination
BGF 05/16/2023 Waiver of Policies
BHC/GBD 08/15/2023 Board-Employee Communications
BHE 03/03/2015 School Board Use Of Electronic Mail (Email)
BIA 04/04/2017 New Board Member Orientation
BIB 02/20/2024 Board Member Professional Development Opportunities
BIE 02/20/2024 Board Member Indemnification